Free Web Hosting Kills your traffic!

About a month ago, I moved one of my less-well-performing sites (, to free hosting with 000webhost.
Despite good traffic, I simply wasn’t getting any conversions)

Well, today, Google Analytics confirmed what I suspected: traffic is down around 75% on both sites. This is because the pages take so long to load, if at all.
(You’ve probably seen my posts on terrible ping-times..)

The one site I moved from 000webhost to paid hosting ( has increased traffic by 25%.

Free Web Hosting Kills your traffic.

Enough said.

NerveJam.Com : replaced built-in search system with Google Search

NerveJam.Com was the only one of my sites where the search box was not actually an easily-replaced widget.
Turns out that the search box was hard-coded into the header.php file.

Generated a custom Google (Adsense) Search engine for this site only, with results to appear on a local page.
Simply replaced the search code in the header code with Google’s (Adsense) generated code, added a “Search Results” page, and pasted Google’s (Adsense)target code into it. Bit of tweaking later, and that’s it.

Why bother? Monetization…. 🙂
P.S. this will only work if your site is indexed by Google. Otherwise you get no results..