Build Amazon Affiliate Review Sites in Minutes – Azon Rocket 2.0

Building Amazon Review Sites

There’s usually a quicker and easier way of doing things online if you know where to look…And If you’re still struggling to  create profit pulling Amazon  review sites then you’re going to love this powerful new wordpress  plugin,  Azon Rocket 2.0

Automate it!

Being successful on Amazon is relatively simple but for most until now, building review sites was a painfully slow process  which takes hours  upon hours from finding the right keywords and choosing the right products to review.

 But thankfully, there are certain tools that the pro’s use that allow anybody to easily build and rank profitable, cash pulling Amazon review sites in mere minutes instead of hours or days…

 Look at the rock solid rankings the creators of Azon Rocket 2.0 are achieving with their own plugin – 


 This plugin has been enhanced and improved with many powerful features that let’s you create a complete Amazon review site in just 5 minutes for less.

And let’s face it, if you’re not using Amazon Associates for making money online in 2013 your missing out big time.

After 2 years of being developing this awesome plugin was personally used by the developers to create profitable Amazon review sites making between $300 – $1000 per month EACH.

Without this plugin creating product review sites will be a tedious and time consuming task.  With Azon Rocket 2.0 you will be able to create a complete review store or blog in just 5 mins or less!   And simply rinse and repeat for different keyword choices and product lines.


Grab it here while it’s being offered at the ‘non Clickbank’ price for a VERY limited time –

PS – You will not need to write any content or articles because the plugin does it all via the Amazon API.  Also, there’s no worries about Google updates because the plugin uses intelligent technology to solidify your amazon sites rankings.

Create a Fully-Functional Social Network, Straight from your WordPress Blog!

Covert Social Press THEME

Covert Social Press lets you run a fully functional social network, straight from your WordPress blog!


– Real members joining your site and building it for you.

– Automatic traffic integration with Facebook, Twitter & Pinterest

– You can fill your sites with quality content in minutes – without ever writing a single word yourself

– It has all the funtionality of a billion dollar site like Digg – and it looks like a million bucks too!

– Full monetization, including a very clever feature I have never seen in WordPress before.

In fact I have NEVER seen any of this in a WordPress theme before.

Covert Social Press is totally unique, cutting edge and insanely powerful.

Yes so simple to use it makes sending an email seem clunky.

You HAVE to watch the demo video and see this theme in action!

I highly recommend that you grab this theme today… it’s some of the most cutting edge stuff I have ever seen.

Make Your WordPress Blog Look Like Pinterest!

Covert PinPress Theme

This super hot new WordPress theme makes your blog look, feel and work just like Pinterest!



Pinterest is super hot right now – it’s the fastest growing social networking site on the web.

Millions of users have already been “trained” to use Pinterest in a certain way.

So by using this new “Covert PinPress” theme you are tapping into all that buzz – and it will really give your blog a boost.

People are much more likely to spend more time on our site, read your content and click on your links.

And perhaps more importantly – your social sharing stats and traffic will go through the roof as people re-pin, like and  comment on your posts.



There are a few other Pinterest themes out there. But the best one (second best now), doesn’t even come close to doing what Covert PinPress does.

And yet they will still charge you big bucks for a single site license.

With Covert PinPress you get unlimited multi-site and developer’s license include at no extra cost.

And the Covert PinPress theme is available as a WSO right now and it’s still dirt cheap.

However it is a dime sale, so the price does go up with every order!

I recommend that you check it out now – it’s really good – and you’d want to get in before the price goes up!


Massively Increase Your Social Media Presence!

The bad news first…

Your blog is facing 2 major problems that are preventing your visitors from clicking your social sharing buttons – and that means a lot less traffic and money for you.

Click here discover what these 2 problems are:

Now for the good news…

These 2 problems also presents a very simple but super powerful solution in the form or this brand new WordPress plugin called Covert Social Buzz.

It’s like nothing you have ever seen before!

But more importantly neither have your visitors
and that’s why it’s so effective in creating
huge amounts of social traffic for your blog.

I recommend that you check it out now – it’s really good – and you’d want to get in before the price goes up!


No More Jetpack!

If it looks too good to be true, it probably is.

It was. “locked-on” to one of my JetPack-using sites, firing thousands of requests, and resulting in my hosting account getting suspended. I’ve had to remove it from ALL sites, just in case.

Not Impressed! 🙁

P.S. This happened some time ago, I’ve just realised that I hadn’t mentioned it, and I don’t want to give the impression that JetPack is working fine – it’s NOT!

Better WP Security – So Secure It Doesn’t Let ANYONE In! | Internal Server Error

Better WP Security (BWP)

I’ve been using this plugin for ages without any problems.
Until Now.

TWO of my sites went down with mysterious “Internal Server Error” messages.
Even the usual URL/license.txt routine generated the error, so it was clearly not a WordPress problem exactly.

I actually went as far as logging a support ticket with Unlimited Web Hosting, but I was already suspecting the htaccess file.. Sure enough, there was an error (a missing word) in there, caused by BWP.

I corrected this, and it’s sorted.

So, here’s how to fix this problem:

  • FTP (or file manager) into your site.
  • Open .htaccess
  • Look at the bottom end of the file.
  • There will either be a missing command (you can’t miss it – it’s obvious), or a chopped-up word. Again obvious. Insert the magic word (it’ll be the same as the line above or below it), or correct/delete the chopped-up word.
  • Save the changes.
  • Access your site.

Essential WordPress Plugins (Updated)

Why Use Plugins?

WordPress is immensely powerful straight out of the box, but it’s possible to add pretty much ANY functionality you want, and it’s usually for free.

OUR Favourites

This is a list of the TOP Plugins we use at Others may not agree.
They are in no particular order.

Right Now..

This is an UPDATED version of an updated version of an earlier post. There are SIGNIFICANT changes, as WordPress is such a moving target.

Here’s The List:


ESSENTIAL anti-spam system. Free to non-commercial users.
Filters out unwanted (spam) comments automatically, and provides stats on what it’s doing. ESSENTIAL.


We now use this in preference to All-In-One-SEO-PACK. Allows us to tailor in-post SEO far better. Also handles Sitemaps. ESSENTIAL


Plugs all the holes we could find. Also handles backups. Excellent! ESSENTIAL


Handles advertising on your site. Very comprehensive. Individual ads are created and then made into groups. You can then position the groups as widgets, in posts and on pages. Ads have start and end dates, and tracking can be switched on or off. Better than maxbannerads. ** The latest version has had features removed due to a “premium” version. Avoid this version. STRONGLY RECOMMENDED


Automatically adds relevant tags to your posts as you create them, based on post content. It’ll find tags you hadn’t thought of. STRONGLY RECOMMENDED.


Automatically sets the “Featured Image” attribute of the post, based on the content. STRONGLY RECOMMENDED


Excellent caching plugin, creates static version of all your posts and pages as they are created. Far better than SUPERCACHE. ESSENTIAL if you use a lot of plugins, or have a lot of visitors.
Get the “Clear Cache” Button plugin as well.


Some themes automatically add all pages to navigation menus. This is how to stop it. Adds a checkbox in the editor. ESSENTIAL.


Attempts to redirect 404 errors to relevant pages based on search query, and URL requested. Reduces bounce-rates. ESSENTIAL

Google Analytics (YOAST)

This adds Google Analytics tracking code to all your pages and posts, so you can keep tabs on everything. You need an analytics account. ESSENTIAL.

YARRP (Yet Another Related POsts Plugin)

Thsi is the best of it’s kind- Adds related posts links to your posts. Essential for internal links. ESSENTIAL


Blocks spammers from ever registering. Uses blacklists, etc so they can’t post. Nice. STRONGLY RECOMMENDED


We use this instead of FEEDWORDPRESS, due to performance issues. NOT FREE!
Strongly Recommended


Generates Likes/Tweets/etc. Not Free. Strongly Recommended.


Pops up Social Links on accessing the site. Generates Likes/Tweets/etc. Strongly Recommended.


Excellent! – Locks up content until the user tweets, likes, g+1 or whatever. STRONGLY RECOMMENDED.

WordPress Database – Bulk Delete Users

Bulk Delete Users

I had 1000 spammer registrations from the same 2 domains.
Here’s how I got rid of them all, in seconds..

From the PLESK database “Web Admin”:

Delete the users..

delete FROM wp_users
WHERE user_email LIKE ‘’

** you could use ANY criteria here – I wanted rid of two specific groups of spammers..

Now-> Delete Orphaned Usermeta


NB: you COULD try the “Bulk Delete Users” Plugin, but it tries to delete them one-by-one. On my shared hosting, it times out and is effectively useless, which is why I’m using SQL at the backend.

Please note: You should NEVER leave your tables with the default “wp_” prefix. Or have a user called “admin”, or a user with id=1. That’s just for start!
Let us secure your WordPress site for you:

WordPress Database – Delete Orphaned Posts

Delete Orphaned Posts

After manually using SQL to delete users, you can be left with (potentially a lot) of posts which now belong to users who simply don’t exist. You don’t want this, it wastes space and clogs things up.
There are two solutions to this:

  1. Delete the Orphaned Posts
  2. Assign them to another user.

I’m going to use option1, as I deleted those users for a reason – Spamming!

From PLESK or CPANEL database web admin:

Delete Orphaned Posts

FROM `wp_posts`
WHERE post_author NOT
IN (
FROM wp_users

NONE of my tables have a wp_ prefix!



Please note: You should NEVER leave your tables with the default “wp_” prefix. Or have a user called “admin”, or a user with id=1. That’s just for start!
Let us secure your WordPress site for you:

WordPress Database – Delete Orphaned Postmeta

Delete Orphaned Postmeta

After deleting posts using SQL, you will be left with (potentially a LOT) of orphaned postmeta records. You don’t want that! It wastes space and clogs up site performance. Get rid!

From PLESK or CPANEL database web admin:

FROM wp_postmeta
WHERE post_id NOT
IN (
FROM wp_posts


Please note: You should NEVER leave your tables with the default “wp_” prefix. Or have a user called “admin”, or a user with id=1. That’s just for start!
Let us secure your WordPress site for you: