WordPress Database – Delete Orphaned Usermeta

Delete Orphaned Usermeta..

After using SQL to bulk-delete users, you’ll be left with (potentially a lot) of orphaned records in the “usermeta” table. You don’t want that. It’ll just waste space and clog things up.
After deleting 1000 user records, I had 20000 orphaned usermeta records – you get the picture..

From PLESK web admin, or similar:

delete FROM wp_usermeta WHERE user_id NOT IN (
FROM wp_users


Please note: You should NEVER leave your tables with the default “wp_” prefix. Or have a user called “admin”, or a user with id=1. That’s just for start!
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ManageWP – Control ALL your WordPress Sites from ONE Dashboard!

We operate a number of (self-hosted) WordPress sites,  across a number of niches. Updates and maintenance was starting to become time-consuming and annoying, due to having to work on each site individually.

We also used separate uptime management and optimization tools – again time-wasting.

But then we discovered ManageWp! And suddenly all it takes is one login and a few clicks. here are some of the benefits:

  • Perform your WordPress management tasks all in one place
  • Save time by logging into one Dashboard instead of dozens or even hundreds
  • Promote a WordPress management service to your customers. Log into ManageWP, click a few buttons, and within minutes your monthly website management is complete. Bam! Now send that invoice to your client.
  • Monitor the uptime of your own sites or those for your clients and respond proactively to fix them, or let your client know something is awry with their host. You’ll be a hero!
  • Monitor and analyze the SEO performance of your sites or those for your clients. Easily let them know where they stand and offer your SEO optimization services.
  • Create additional websites easily and quickly with the ManageWP Deploy service.
  • Manage all your WordPress sites from your mobile devices with our ManageWP app for iOS.

There’s even a FREE plan to get you started- which allows you to maintain up to FIVE sites, but without uptime monitoring, backups, etc.

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Social Bookmarking Buttons

Have you noticed the social bookmarking buttons on this site?
Thought so!
Impressive, isn’t it..

You see, the problem with social bookmarking is that no-one wants to be the first to “like” something. It’s a “herd mentality” thing.

It’s a fact, that someone is more likely to “like” something if someone else already has.

So that means it’s a vicious circle – no-one will click unless someone has already clicked. Damn.

So how do we get around that? You’ve already seen the answer. This plugin displays either “REAL” or “Fake” likes, so you can set it to display “fake” like totals until the number of REAL likes hits a threshold.

(On this site, it generates a random number of likes until the REAL number hits 30, the it displays the REAL number)

The animated “share” counter also gets you past their “like button blindness” – this is like “banner ad blindness”, where visitors don’t actually notice the banners/buttons anymore.
If you hover over the share button, it shows the likes from the individual sites – again, impressive!

Want this on YOUR site?
Simple: BUY THE PLUGIN (We did)..

It’s a simple wordpress plugin installation job, and the configuration is just as easy.
If you buy the plugin from our link, we’ll even help you install it!

Need any help? | WordPress Site Problems Fixed!

Locked out of your WordPress site due to a bad plugin?
Database clogged up and bloated?
Site performing like it’s wading through treacle?

Then Get In Touch!

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Jetpack! WordPress Plugin

I’ve just discovered the joys of the “Jetpack” WordPress plugin.
It’s enabled me to get rid of all the separate “social button” plugins, the “contact-form-7” plugin, “mobile edition” and goodness know what else!
It’s also given me traffic stats in the admin area, a wordpress.com “subscribe” button, backup facilities.. blah blah.. you get the idea.
It’s written by the same people behind WordPress itself, (Automattic).
Do yourself a favour – use it.

Cut and paste | Attribution | Backlinks | CopyLink

We’ve been looking into the issue of site visitors using cut and paste to “steal” content. Not on this site, particularly, but on others.

The issue is that many visitors don’t use the built-in “share” functions – they simply copy and paste content into social media, or more often, e-mails. The problem with that is that the site doesn’t get anything back from this – no backlink, nada.

There are a couple of (paid-for) WordPress plugins which address this issue: Maxblogpress “bring my blog traffic back” (bmbtb), and “Covert Copy Traffic”, for instance.

Look a bit closer, though, and there is a FREE plugin called “copylink” which does most of the same. It may not be as polished, but hey, it’s FREE.
Copylink offers tracking facilities as well, so you can actually see who is copying, and what the actual content is. If someone IS seriously abusing your content, you can then block them.
We’ve rolled copylink out to most of our sites, and are monitoring the results…

We have no problem with visitors sharing content – if we did, we wouldn’t publish it on the open web. But we DO want the content to be attributed to our site.

WordPress Multisite Problems

We’re currently working on a Multisite WordPress Installation for an educational establishment. The problem is that the server is accessed via a proxy on their main domain.
Their technical people advised us to set up the wp install using the server name. We’ll call it “Gomez”. Gomez isn’t accessible from the internet, so it’s accessed via www.domain.ac.uk/proxyname. That’s fine, except that it only works internally. 🙁
Also, it switches all the URLs back to Gomez once you are through the proxy. 🙁
Using a “requestheader host” statement in the htaccess file throws a WP error – it thinks there’s a port number in the URL!
You wouldn’t believe how difficult it is to change the URLs within a WP Multisite install!
We have to use sql queries to replace all occurrences of the original URL with the new one, for ALL the sub blogs as well as the master one. After editing the wp-config file.
It looks like WP multisite has some way to go before maturity..