Let US secure your WordPress site.. from $5!

We’ve just launched a FIVERR gig!


Secure Your WordPress Site!
Secure Your WordPress Site!

You’ve probably heard that there’s a massive, worldwide brute force attack going on right now, targetting WordPress sites and blogs?
Standard WordPress security (username and password) isn’t enough to protect you – they’re not logging in, they’re being sneakier than that!
What you need is to harden your security – rename your admin account, change the id of the admin user, change the wp_ prefix on all the database tables, etc.
Then you need to actively monitor and block all known hackers from even getting as far as your site in the first place – blacklist them!
We can do this for you, as we have on all OUR OWN sites, for the last few years. There are rather a lot of them, and they’re all secure, so we know what we’re doing..

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