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WordPress post-by-email feature.

The best way to make this work is to use the Jetpack plugin, and enable the post-by-email feature.

That gives you an e-mail address where anything it receives is published as a blog post.

However, I found I couldn’t get it to work until I switched from ithemes security to wordfence. Apparently, it’s a known problem: ithemes security blocks xmlrpc, so post-by-email isn’t available..

Worth knowing.


Better WP Security – So Secure It Doesn’t Let ANYONE In! | Internal Server Error

Better WP Security (BWP)

I’ve been using this plugin for ages without any problems.
Until Now.

TWO of my sites went down with mysterious “Internal Server Error” messages.
Even the usual URL/license.txt routine generated the error, so it was clearly not a WordPress problem exactly.

I actually went as far as logging a support ticket with Unlimited Web Hosting, but I was already suspecting the htaccess file.. Sure enough, there was an error (a missing word) in there, caused by BWP.

I corrected this, and it’s sorted.

So, here’s how to fix this problem:

  • FTP (or file manager) into your site.
  • Open .htaccess
  • Look at the bottom end of the file.
  • There will either be a missing command (you can’t miss it – it’s obvious), or a chopped-up word. Again obvious. Insert the magic word (it’ll be the same as the line above or below it), or correct/delete the chopped-up word.
  • Save the changes.
  • Access your site.
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