Online Selling & Marketplaces in 2015


Online Selling & Marketplaces in 2015

As you have probably gathered by now, I do a bit of online trading.. (understatement)
A few years ago, my list of online marketplaces would have included ebay(uk), amazon(uk), cqout, “play” store, and ebid.
These days, I’ve narrowed it down to ebay(UK) and amazon(UK). I sell more stuff on Amazon than ebay by a massive margin.
While it has become much cheaper to list items on ebay, it’s still FREE to list on amazon, plus you simply use their catalog system – meaning no tedious listing blurb.
I currently have a large inventory on Amazon, but only list the occasional item on (eg a Korg microsampler, sold to a German via ebay worldwide shipping).

I have completely stopped bothering with cqout – I sold barely anything, and the site is painfully slow to navigate. I’m amazed it’s still there! And why does it insist on listing prices in $dollars on the UK site?
Play Store closed down some time ago, after Rakuten took over. That was a shame – I sold a few books on
eBid UK still seems to be there – but as I recall, their audience is tiny compared to eBay. Their USP (unique Selling Point) was no listing fees. I’ve requested a password reminder, but I’m still waiting.. not impressed.

Over the last year, I have used Gumtree a LOT more than before – it’s a good place to source cheap stuff. Example – a pair of powerline adapters for a tenner. (RRP £50-ish).
Finally, I have also bought a few things on local Facebook trading groups. Well worth a try. Example: a pair of doctor marten boots for £30 – RRP £80. They’re great, BTW.

A couple more that I haven’t tried are Etsy and Preloved.  Etsy is mainly nad-made stuff, and Preloved is second-hand classifieds.

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