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Forget Google – Get Pinterest Traffic..

Top Brands Use Pinterest

With many of the top brands using Pinterest to capture leads and drive prospects to their sites, it’s right to return your attention to the continued growth of Pinterest!
This free traffic source is still proving to beat other social media platforms and that is only set to grow. Many niches are joining the pinning crowd and whilst there is a strategy, just as there is with all Social Media platforms, the potential for benefitting from Pinterest to drive traffic to your sites is excellent!
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Top Traffic Sources

To quote a top source “When it comes to referral traffic from social networks, there’s Facebook and Pinterest … … and then there’s everyone else.” – Mashable.com
There is a superb piece of software that’s going to help you automate Pinterest’s benefits. Using WordPress to base your pinning, Pinpressr takes your RSS feeds and turns them into pin boards! And you can build as many of those as you want and need. Start driving traffic to yours and your client sites with this simple to set up software.
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Here To Stay

Most SEO and Traffic marketers know of SEO Moz and we have a quote to conclude this email using their own words of warning … “Pinterest is here to stay and if it’s not in your marketing plans yet, it very well should be.” 
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Social Bookmarking Buttons

Have you noticed the social bookmarking buttons on this site?
Thought so!
Impressive, isn’t it..

You see, the problem with social bookmarking is that no-one wants to be the first to “like” something. It’s a “herd mentality” thing.

It’s a fact, that someone is more likely to “like” something if someone else already has.

So that means it’s a vicious circle – no-one will click unless someone has already clicked. Damn.

So how do we get around that? You’ve already seen the answer. This plugin displays either “REAL” or “Fake” likes, so you can set it to display “fake” like totals until the number of REAL likes hits a threshold.

(On this site, it generates a random number of likes until the REAL number hits 30, the it displays the REAL number)

The animated “share” counter also gets you past their “like button blindness” – this is like “banner ad blindness”, where visitors don’t actually notice the banners/buttons anymore.
If you hover over the share button, it shows the likes from the individual sites – again, impressive!

Want this on YOUR site?
Simple: BUY THE PLUGIN (We did)..

It’s a simple wordpress plugin installation job, and the configuration is just as easy.
If you buy the plugin from our link, we’ll even help you install it!

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