“Text File Widget” is live on WordPress.Org


“Text File Widget” is live on WordPress.Org

My first plugin – “Text File Widget” is now live on the WordPress Plugins Repository.
It’s a proper job – complete Readme.Txt file, Banner, and Icon.
Looks great!


Here’s the link: ** Sorry- this plugin has now been withdrawn **

It’s a very simple plugin, all it does is display the contents of a text file as a widget. I couldn’t believe that there wasn’t already a plugin for this, so I wrote one..

It replaces end-of-line characters with a ”
” for clarity.

Here’s the plugin page: https://www.q292u.com/plugins/text-file-widget

Any problems with it, contact me via WordPress.Org (hit the plugin’s “support” link) – let’s do everything properly!



** UPDATE: this plugin has now been withdrawn due to possible security issues.  **

** No further updates will ever be issued **

** Hence I have removed the download link above **

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ohlizPosted on2:32 am - Nov 12, 2018

I can’t believe there wasn’t one either, and this one appears to be abandoned? I’ll give it a try anyway, but some brief example of how to call the text file – http://blah.com/blah.txt vs d:/webroot/blah..txt would be really helpful.

    q292uPosted on8:21 am - Nov 12, 2018

    Hi. Yes, it’s not abandoned, it is withdrawn!
    Turns out that displaying text files within wordpress pages can be a massive security hole in the wrong hands.
    So I have withdrawn it.

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