Why we chose to use Woocommerce & AliDropship

There are two main ways to set up a dropshipping store: Shopify/Oberlo, or WooCommerce/AliDropship. We have chosen to use the second option, because 1. we already have hosting (£4/month!) 2. we are familiar with domain registration (GoDaddy) 3. we already know our way around WordPress ( we run several WP sites ) 4. WooCommerce is Read more about Why we chose to use Woocommerce & AliDropship[…]

We are getting into dropshipping..

There are two main routes we can take: Shopify / Oberlo WordPress/Woocommerce/AliDropship For reasons I will explain more fully later, I am going to be going the AliDropship way.. This means I need to purchase the AliDropship plugin, which usually costs $89, but I’ve found a discount code: STARTER15, which knocks 15% off that. ($75). Read more about We are getting into dropshipping..[…]

Wordpress Technical

“Text File Widget” is live on WordPress.Org

My first plugin – “Text File Widget” is now live on the WordPress Plugins Repository. It’s a proper job – complete Readme.Txt file, Banner, and Icon. Looks great! Here’s the link: https://wordpress.org/plugins/text-file-widget/ It’s a very simple plugin, all it does is display the contents of a text file as a widget. I couldn’t believe that Read more about “Text File Widget” is live on WordPress.Org[…]

Wordpress Technical

I’ve just created my first WordPress plugin!

I found that no existing plugin did exactly what I wanted to do: display the contents of a text file as a sidebar widget, so I made my own, from scratch. [There was a plugin that displayed the contents of a text file whenever a shortcode was inserted, which was ok for inside pages and Read more about I’ve just created my first WordPress plugin![…]

Essential WordPress Plugins (Updated)

Why Use Plugins? WordPress is immensely powerful straight out of the box, but it’s possible to add pretty much ANY functionality you want, and it’s usually for free. OUR Favourites This is a list of the TOP Plugins we use at q292u.com. Others may not agree. They are in no particular order. Right Now.. This Read more about Essential WordPress Plugins (Updated)[…]

Feedwordpress / links rss error fixed.

We had an error with epn rss feeds with feedwordpress. Nothing was Coming through. Obvious solution was to replace the rss feeds. So we did, using the “links” manager as it’s quicker than fwp. And we got back unfiltered rss based on keywords only. It turns out that link manager chops the ends off the Read more about Feedwordpress / links rss error fixed.[…]

Feedwordpress Issue Solved

We’ve had trouble re-activating feedwordpress after maintenance twice this week. It turns out that the plugin tries to revalidate ALL it’s feeds.. We have a LOT of feeds! Our solution is to change the link category for the rss feeds to an empty one, then activate fwp, and tell fwp to use the new link Read more about Feedwordpress Issue Solved[…]

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