Simple Solution to SSL (HTTPS://)

My hosting company finally got around to enabling Let’s Encrypt SSL certificates. I’d been nagging for at least a year. I managed to move ALL my sites to SSL for free (apart from the ones I’d already bought certificates for), in one morning. All I did was enable Let’s Encrypt for each site in turn, Read more about Simple Solution to SSL (HTTPS://)[…]

Wordpress Technical

Text File Widget 2.0 Released – WordPress 4.3 Compatible

I’ve just uploaded a new version of Text File Widget (2.0). This addresses the php v5.0 constructor issue – WordPress 4.3 will throw a warning if it encounters php v4.0 contructors. Thanks to Remy Corson for providing a working example of the correct code. Not sure why I didn’t use that in the first place.. Anyway, Read more about Text File Widget 2.0 Released – WordPress 4.3 Compatible[…]

Wordpress Technical

“Text File Widget” is live on WordPress.Org

My first plugin – “Text File Widget” is now live on the WordPress Plugins Repository. It’s a proper job – complete Readme.Txt file, Banner, and Icon. Looks great! Here’s the link: It’s a very simple plugin, all it does is display the contents of a text file as a widget. I couldn’t believe that Read more about “Text File Widget” is live on WordPress.Org[…]

Wordpress Technical

I’ve just created my first WordPress plugin!

I found that no existing plugin did exactly what I wanted to do: display the contents of a text file as a sidebar widget, so I made my own, from scratch. [There was a plugin that displayed the contents of a text file whenever a shortcode was inserted, which was ok for inside pages and Read more about I’ve just created my first WordPress plugin![…]

Jetpack! WordPress Plugin

I’ve just discovered the joys of the “Jetpack” WordPress plugin. It’s enabled me to get rid of all the separate “social button” plugins, the “contact-form-7” plugin, “mobile edition” and goodness know what else! It’s also given me traffic stats in the admin area, a “subscribe” button, backup facilities.. blah blah.. you get the idea. Read more about Jetpack! WordPress Plugin[…]

Cut and paste | Attribution | Backlinks | CopyLink

We’ve been looking into the issue of site visitors using cut and paste to “steal” content. Not on this site, particularly, but on others. The issue is that many visitors don’t use the built-in “share” functions – they simply copy and paste content into social media, or more often, e-mails. The problem with that is Read more about Cut and paste | Attribution | Backlinks | CopyLink[…]

WordPress Multisite Problems

We’re currently working on a Multisite WordPress Installation for an educational establishment. The problem is that the server is accessed via a proxy on their main domain. Their technical people advised us to set up the wp install using the server name. We’ll call it “Gomez”. Gomez isn’t accessible from the internet, so it’s accessed Read more about WordPress Multisite Problems[…]

Jabweb – Passwords Reset..

I still have several websites registered, but not hosted at jabweb. Last week, I received an e-mail stating that as part of their efforts to improve security, they had RESET ALL PASSWORDS on their system, and that I needed to e-mail them to find out what my new password(s) were. So I tried it, and Read more about Jabweb – Passwords Reset..[…]

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